Outloud Magazine

About Us

Outloud launched in March 2023, to bring something new to digital publications.

If you take a look at the magazines that dominate online spaces today, it’s easy to find recurring themes. For us, it’s a lot of heteronormativity and indulgence in toxic celebrity gossip.

(We’re not into slander here at Outloud Magazine. Firstly because it’s not our vibe, and secondly because a lot of magazines are trying, and slow progress is still progress. But you know which magazines we’re talking about, right?)

There’s a reason these magazines still exist. They’re entertaining. They’re escapism. They give you the answers to burning questions, like which foundation you should buy and how to make a charcuterie board.

Fun. Trendy. Useful. Light-hearted.

That’s everything we want to make Outloud, without the parts that are going to bring you down. We want to provide the entertainment and escapism you might find in one of these magazines, but for a new generation.


It’s not a magazine for feminists, but a magazine for everyone. No matter your political view, gender identity, height or hair colour, you deserve to read and access content that you can relate to. 


Most of the inclusive magazines that we read revolve around activism. Whilst we love and support activism, publications with strong opinions can be overwhelming, and they usually want you to get involved.


We don’t want you to do anything. Just read, enjoy, and if you have questions or suggestions you can leave a comment, email our writers or get in touch with our editor directly: isabella@outloudmagazine.com

Meet Our Team

Isabella is our editor and founder. She is a freelance writer and marketer, and has been writing blogs, articles and short stories for over twelve years. She was born and raised in the UK, but currently lives in Portugal.



Zsofi was born and raised in Hungary, but has also lived in Brazil, Scotland and Portugal, and now lives in England. She is an English teacher with an obsession with trying new cuisines who writes our food column: Zsofi’s Corner.



Beatriz is studying her masters degree in linguistics in Stockholm. Our love and sex columnist, she discusses everything from stigma around contraception and HPV, to her hilarious dating stories as a bisexual in her twenties.



Laura is a British travel influencer, and a writer and editor who lives in the Peak District. Her instagram page is full of amazing pictures about her life of hiking, camping, climbing, and the van conversion she’s doing with her partner.



Hannah is Canadian, but also loves to travel and has been doing her rounds of Europe over the past year. She will be working on our advice column, writing lifestyle articles, and is a project management consultant at Outloud.